Lacework Polygraph

This tutorial covers the concept of a polygraph, different types of polygraph, polygraph layouts, user interface tools, tips and tricks and using polygraphs for security operations and investigation.

Lacework Demo

How to detect breaches and automate investigations without rules, policies, or logs. 

Threat Hunting Demo
Starting with a suspicious login alert, we demonstrate how one can quickly view the timeline of activities to detect a breach.


This tutorial provides and overview of dossier, different types of dossiers, search and filter capabilities within a dossier, and navigating different dossiers.

Platform Tour

This video tutorial walk through navigating and using the Lacework management console features such dashboard, search and filter functions, alerts, and dossiers.

Configuration Options

This video tutorial covers configuration steps for admin user management, managing agent tokens, and Slack integration.

Lacework Agent Installation

This video tutorial walks through the steps required to install the scripts to install Lacework scripts on workloads.

Application Dossier

This video provides you an insight of the application behavior details.

Machine Dossier

This tutorial provides details available in the machine dossier, differences between all machine and per machine dossier, and accessing machine dossier.