Does Lacework Polygraph work with all Data Center or Cloud environments?

Lacework works in all hybrid cloud environments. It works in all public clouds (Azure, AWS, Google) and private data centers. 

Does Lacework Polygraph do any enforcement?

Lacework Polygraph is a breach detection and investigation tool. It provides information on when and how a breach happened and what users, machines and applications were compromised.

How is Lacework Polygraph different from Micro-Segmentation?

Micro-segmentation is a firewall technology where every machine needs to be tagged and multiple polices need to be created to allow/dis-allow communication. Lacework Polygraph is a zero touch breach detection system which automatically tags workloads. It works at application/container level and is more precise than Micro-Segmentation which only looks at network connectivity. Lacework Polygraph  learns multiple application behaviors and alerts if any anomaly is detected. It does not require the creation of any manual rules or policies.

Can I use Lacework Polygraph to do Micro-segmentation?

Lacework's machine communication polygraph provides workload level communication patterns which can be used to construct micro-segmentation policies.

How can I buy Lacework Polygraph?

You can buy the Lacework Polygraph solution at AWS marketplace for both AWS and non AWS installations.

If you have a sales related question please contact us at .

Can I try the Lacework Polygraph before buying?

 You can sign up at AWS marketplace or for a free 14 day trial to test Lacework Polygraph in your own environment.

What is the pricing model for Lacework Polygraph?

Lacework Polygraph solution is priced either per instance type per hour or an annual license based on peak host count.

How long is data stored by Lacework?

Lacework Polygraph stores data for 30 days by default. If you need longer storage please contact us at

Does Lacework Polygraph support Containers?

Lacework Polygraph accesses information from Docker environments to enhance breach detection and incident investigations. Lacework is fully container-aware and is available as a Docker container.