New in Lacework Release 1.51

We are excited to share with you the latest features we've wrapped into Lacework version 1.51. No action is required on your end, the updates have already been implemented within the Lacework Platform.

Now it's time to log in and see how these new features can enhance your overall cloud security.

Increased Network Visibility

On the Networks page, we have added two new tables for increased visibility:

  • List of External Facing Server Machines: Users can now easily identify what ports on which hosts are open and receiving inbound connections from the Internet
  • Client Machines Making External Connections: Users can now easily identify which machines are initiating outbound connections to the Internet

Data from both tables is searchable using custom intervals and downloadable in .csv format.

Search by Event ID

You can now search by Event ID in global search. Search will match both the specific event and any text strings.  Simply click on Open '....' as event dossier to be taken to the event.

Reports Dossier Enhancements

The Reports dossier now lists resources that have failed compliance check, which allows users to easily assess their security posture and make informed changes to policies and procedures.

Link to Lacework Support

By clicking the Help button, users will be directed to Lacework support in a second window where they can open tickets and find self-serve documentation.

We value your feedback and welcome any comments you may have to help improve the Lacework solution.


The Lacework Team